$10 for your Thoughts: Online User Testing


In my real job, I am a User Experience designer. Ever feel really frustrated with a website or can’t figure out how to do something? My job is to make sure that never happens, kind of like a superhero. One of the tools we use is Usertesting.com, where we get videos of real people speaking their thoughts as they use websites. Usertesting.com is great because

Should I buy a Roomba? Time Versus Money


I am faced with an internal dilemma. I hate dirt and dust with a fiery burning passion. Nothing bothers me more then walking through my house only to have my socks become covered in crumbs, dirt, and worst of all, pet hair. Unfortunately this hate is matched with my extreme dislike of vacuuming and sweeping. And with a household of two cats, a dog, and

Disneyland vs. Walt Disney World: Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror

Disneyland vs. Walt Disney World: Tower of Terror Battle of the Parks: Tower of Terror The Tower of Terror — a ghoulish delight nestled at the end of Sunset boulevard. I flat out refused go on this attraction before the age of 13. I think it was a combination of great/terrifying themeing and a very sheltered upbringing. It is undeniably one of the best themed

Our Weekly Spending — August, Week 34, 2014

August Weekly Spending Week 34

Welcome back to my weekly post exposing our spending to the world! This week will cover our expenses for the week 34 of 2014, August 18-25. Monday. August 18 $1.20 — Pierre, Tea (cash) $2.50 — Pierre, Energy Drink & Peanuts (cash) $2.41 — Pierre, Soda & Peanuts (It was a rough day!) $40.36 — Michael, Pharmaca Order $46.47 Tuesday, August 19 $1.50 — Pierre, Energy

Saving Money with Real Estate

Saving Money with Real Estate

Saving money with real estate After six months of soul-sucking, wallet-draining commuting, we decided to move! We are not the type of people to take a decision like this lightly. We took many things into consideration, but our overall goals were to find a property with historic charm, a safe location, and most importantly, low monthly expenses! Renting vs Buying On the surface renting looked

Our Weekly Spending — Week 33, 2014

Our weekly spending Week 33 2014

Welcome to the the first post of my continuing series — Our Weekly Spending! This post covers week 33 of 2014, August 11-17. Each week, I’m going to give you an all-access look at our spending. I’ve been tracking our discretionary expenses all week, so every time that we whipped out our wallet to pay with cash or plastic, or got out our phones to pay

Commuting takes Cash

Commuting Takes Cash

Commuting takes Cash In the final months of college, Pierre and I had it pretty great. We had minimal student debt, both graduated in 4 years, and even had full-time jobs lined up. Better yet we had nice post-graduation housing, living next to my parents in small town Iowa. With a population less than my graduating college class, it was an adjustment. The Small town

How we implemented a Layoff Budget

Layoff Budget

We live our life on a budget. It has been a valuable tool in reducing our debt load and boosting our financial independence. We take it very seriously. So naturally when we had a major change in our life, it had to evolve with us into a layoff budget. In early 2014, I got the dreaded call to come to the HR department of my

August Budget

August Budget

Every month is an adventure, each one with different expenses. So we design our budget to roll with the punches. One tool we use is the Buffer fund (I will elaborate on it in a future blog post because it is vital to keep us from feeling too deprived). Luckily, we don’t foresee August to have any crazy expense so, without further adieu, here is

Saving for Tomorrowland.

Saving for Tomorrowland

My name is Michael and I am going to talk about money. My partner and I are 2 years out of college, living in Omaha, NE, and $51,314 in debt. This isn’t credit cards or a boat loan, it was earned the good ole American way, student loans and a mortgage ($29,327 student loans, $21,987 mortgage). We met in college and both of us majored