Our Weekly Spending — August, Week 34, 2014

August Weekly Spending Week 34

Welcome back to my weekly post exposing our spending to the world! This week will cover our expenses for the week 34 of 2014, August 18-25. Monday. August 18 $1.20 — Pierre, Tea (cash) $2.50 — Pierre, Energy Drink & Peanuts (cash) $2.41 — Pierre, Soda & Peanuts (It was a rough day!) $40.36 — Michael, Pharmaca Order $46.47 Tuesday, August 19 $1.50 — Pierre, Energy

Our Weekly Spending — Week 33, 2014

Our weekly spending Week 33 2014

Welcome to the the first post of my continuing series — Our Weekly Spending! This post covers week 33 of 2014, August 11-17. Each week, I’m going to give you an all-access look at our spending. I’ve been tracking our discretionary expenses all week, so every time that we whipped out our wallet to pay with cash or plastic, or got out our phones to pay