Our Weekly Spending — Week 33, 2014

Welcome to the the first post of my continuing series — Our Weekly Spending! This post covers week 33 of 2014, August 11-17.

Each week, I’m going to give you an all-access look at our spending. I’ve been tracking our discretionary expenses all week, so every time that we whipped out our wallet to pay with cash or plastic, or got out our phones to pay with our PayPal app… I wrote it down, or keep the receipt.

Michael and I hope that by giving you a no-holds bared we can keep our ourselves accountable. You know… by showing you all the embarrassing things we do with our money. We also hope to give you guys a little bit more insight into our lives.

First though, some ground rules. I promise to include all of our discretionary spending. Bills, auto-payments, that sort of thing doesn’t count and won’t be included here. Anything purchased giftcards or other “free money” also isn’t include in these totals. Other than that… All of our spending will be recorded.

Here it is, our spending for Week 33 of 2014:

Monday, August 11 — No spend day!

Tuesday, August 12
$1.25 – Pierre, Bus Fare (cash)
$1.20 – Pierre, Iced Tea (cash)
$9.57 – Pierre & Michael, Snacks @ The Grocery Store
$28.4 – Michael, Gas

Wednesday, August 13
$1.25 – Pierre, Bus Fare
$14.07 – Pierre, Lunch w/ Friend from College
$2.20 – Pierre, Tea & Peanuts

Thursday, August 14
$1.20 – Pierre, Soda (cash)
$11.59 – Michael, Lunch w/ Co-worker
$1.20 – Pierre, Tea (cash)
$10.39 – Pierre & Michael, Happy Hour w/ Ex-Colleague (We used a $10-off Coupon! Should have been $20.39)

Friday, August 15
$1.25 – Pierre, Bus Fare (cash)
$2.20 – Pierre, Tea & Peanuts

Saturday, August 16
$4.23 – Michael & Pierre, Energy Drinks and Snacks @ The Grocery Store (needed to get pumped for MAHA!)
$17.00 – Michael & Pierre, Festival Food (Amsterdam Falafel!)
$16.00 – Michael & Pierre, Funnel Cakes (One for us, one for a friend!)

Sunday, August 17
$12.31 – Michael & Pierre, Taco Bell w/ Friend (the shame!)
$9.72 – Michael & Pierre, Snacks and Dish Soap @ The Grocery Store
$11.62 – Michale & Pierre, Dinner and Dessert w/ Friend (Saved $30 using the PayPal app during their promotional period!)

GRAND TOTAL: $156.29

So… I think a little analysis is in order. It’s a shame that for my first weekly recap, that it was kind of an off week for us, spending-wise.

Breaking it down, we spend the most money in the follow categories:

Transport – $31.79
Dining – $92.98 (ouch!)
Snacks, etc – $31.52

We went out to eat a lot this week. A. Lot. But it was a strange week for a number of reasons. The first being that a lot of people contacted us about wanting to meet up. And if you know us, we don’t have a great number of friends and we hardly ever see them, so we couldn’t turn them down. We also had free tickets to the Maha Music Festival, which meant we spent more money than is prudent on delicious festival food. And we were nice and bought a funnel cake for a friend. :)

I also took the bus a few times this week. Michael has been freelancing at an agency that is a 30-minute drive all the way across the city (gross!) and he has to be there by 8am. I work downtown and can set my own hours/schedule. And sometime I just don’t feel like getting out of bed and having him drop me off at my office at 7:30am so he can get to work on time, when it is perfectly acceptable for me to take the bus and get into the office at 10:30. At bit lazy perhaps, but sleep is worth it right? And Michael needed to put gas in the Prius to make it all the way out to work everyday. But that should last us awhile. ;)

So… The other big problem. As you can tell, I spend much more freely than Michael. And I know it’s a problem. But… I really need something to get me through the afternoon. My job is pretty stressful at times, and I need a break and a little caffeine/sugar pick-me-up in the afternoon. So I usually end up taking a stroll through Omaha’s beautiful Old Market Area (where my office is located) and stopping by the convenience store and getting some Raspberry Iced Tea and some Honey Roasted Peanuts. It’s a really bad habit. And I’m working on trying to stop.

So that is our spending. Don’t judge us too harshly! :)


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