Our Weekly Spending — August, Week 34, 2014

Welcome back to my weekly post exposing our spending to the world! This week will cover our expenses for the week 34 of 2014, August 18-25.

Monday. August 18

$1.20 — Pierre, Tea (cash)
$2.50 — Pierre, Energy Drink & Peanuts (cash)
$2.41 — Pierre, Soda & Peanuts (It was a rough day!)
$40.36 — Michael, Pharmaca Order

Tuesday, August 19
$1.50 — Pierre, Energy Drink (cash)

Wednesday, August 20
$1.oo — Pierre, Peanuts (cash)
$1.00 — Pierre, Trail Mix & Candy (cash)
$5.35 — Pierre, Bubble Tea w/ (Peer-pressuring) Co-Workers
$21.30 — Michael & Pierre, Groceries @ Walmart (and some snacks…)

Thursday, August 21
$81.67 — Michael & Pierre, Groceries @ Aldi

Friday, August 22
$1.20 — Pierre, Tea (cash)
$1.20 — Pierre, Tea (cash)

Saturday, August 23
$14.16 — Michael & Pierre, Kitty Food @ Tractor Supply
$11.92 — Michael & Pierre, Groceries @ Walmart

Sunday, August 24 — No spend day!

GRAND TOTAL: $186.77


Now for the re-cap. This week we basically ran out of food. Which you can kinda see if you look at last week’s spending, we ate out so much! Mostly because we were out of food. So this week, we went to the grocery store quite a lot — $114.89 a lot. Though we also got enough to last for this week and the week coming up. So there shouldn’t be any grocery spending next week!

We also took care of some other budgeted items that are discretionary. Michael put in his monthly supplement order, we typically put aside $40 a month for him for this. It makes him happy, even if it is a bit of a luxury. We were also out of wet cat food. Which is actually a necessity around here… Our girl cat is a diva and demands it, and she gets chronic UTIs and needs the liquid. So that was $14.16 for almost a months supply. All in all $54.52 for budgeted discretionary expenses.

The last major category was me again. I spent $17.36 on snacks and stuff this week. Better, but I need to try to do even better. We’re going to try making giant batches of iced tea at home and see how that works out. I’m gonna miss my raspberry iced tea though.

So that’s our spending for the week.

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